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Google Code University – Free Training from Google March 19, 2008

Want to learn how to program? Develop in mySQL? Enhance your skills as a developer or programmer or just learn the lingo. Tutorials, lecture slides, and problem sets for a variety of topic areas including AJAX, Distributed Systems, Web Security, Languages and a ton of other great classes – at no cost! Very smart offering if u ask me:)

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10 AJAX Effects to Boost Your Website’s Fanciness Factor

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If you want to do some kool things with AJAX read on…Here’s a collection of 10 powerful – yet easy-to-implement — AJAX effects to supplement your web page’s interface. These were picked using a “bang for your buck” methodology; meaning that these effects were chosen specifically because they provide high-impact effects with very little effort in installing and using them.

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The Future (According to Radiohead) March 17, 2008

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How Radiohead ditched the record business and still topped the charts. They are smart as hell.

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10 Killer Firefox Extensions You Probably Don’t Know About March 11, 2008

This isn’t the usual list of extensions that everyone is used to using, but 10 add-ons that many may not know about, but can be very useful for everyday web browsing. Add the cool ones that interest you today!

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33 Awesome Body Enhancement Photoshop Tutorials March 9, 2008

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For anyone who does human body retouching – a collection of the 33 best Photoshop tutorials. Excellent resource here, great tips and tricks offered up.

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100 Photographs that Changed the World…Incredible! February 29, 2008

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Just browse through the photos by clicking on ‘Next’ and you will soon realize how incredible the photos are….hats off to the photographers

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Teenage Hacker Is Blind, and in the Crosshairs of the FBI

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the FBI thinks it has identified the culprit in the Colorado swatting as a 17-year-old East Boston phone phreak known as “Li’l Hacker.”

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What Does the Internet Look Like? [map]

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Why China has as many IP addresses as an American university, which ISP should be called “Spamalot,” and more.

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New Line Cinema has been gobbled up by Warner Bros!

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’ve heard the rumors, and it now looks to be true. New Line is dead. This afternoon Time Warner is expected to announce that New Line will become part of Warner Bros.

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Google Advertisers See Click Improvement

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Google Advertisers See Click Improvement

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