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Every Click You Make – Is your ISP spying on you? April 6, 2008

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Is this invasion of your privacy? Comments welcome! Could be you are one of the 100,000 (they are admitting to) that are being subject to deep packet inspection. “You don’t want the phone company tapping your phone calls, and in the same way you don’t want your ISP tapping your Web traffic,” said Ari Schwartz of the Center for Democracy and Technology, an advocacy group.

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Google buying Skype for Android without monthly minutes? April 5, 2008

Watch this one, will make an impact on mobile carriers soon I hope…The mobile network operators have carried on the status quo of charging separate monthly fees for voice and data plans for long enough. Just like we went from paying for long distance telephone calls to one monthly fee, why can’t our mobile phones do the same for voice and data?

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15 helpful WordPress plugins for the savvy user April 4, 2008

Here are15 WordPress plugins to enhance the blogging experience of advanced users, especially web developers and designers. Most are tested using a default installation of WordPress 2.3.1

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NPD: 72% Of U.S. Plays Video Games April 3, 2008

This is a staggering figure. Good thing I’m working in the gaming industry right now :)Sales tracking group NPD has announced the results of a new gaming study, showing that 72 percent of the U.S. say they played games, online play still lagging behind offline, and an overwhelming minority owning more than one next-gen system.

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42 Essential Web Design Resources [w/Links to 100s More] April 2, 2008

This is organized into 6 helpful categories (awesome design inspiration, web design guides, handy color tools, great free fonts and more) this collection links directly to dozens of essential resources for web designers and design lovers as well as other to other invaluable web design resource lists. This is one that designers of all kinds should bookmark now! Let me know if you find other resources that are similar, thanks!

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Apple Releases 2 New “Get A Mac” Ads

Check out the new ads. Some think the Mac guy is starting to get a bit tired. I think they are funny and to the point most often. Comments Welcome!

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What Makes a Good Mobile Application Great March 27, 2008

Some common sense for mobile content creators, “…what makes a good mobile application truly great? There are lots of examples out there, but what can mobile developers learn from them? Here are some common sense guidelines:”

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