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A Trillion Dollar Ad Campaign (PICS) April 13, 2009

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Billboards and wallpaper for ‘The Zimbabwean Newspaper’ made entirely of worthless Zimbabwean bank notes. What more proof do you need of a country’s total economic collapse than being able to paste trillions and trillions and trillions of dollar notes onto a billboard and it is still cheaper than if you had used paper?

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Lamp of Bulbs [pics]

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Russian designer makes custom “Lamps of Bulbs”.

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Scarpar Powerboard Is Close Alternative to the Hoverboard

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Scarpar doesn’t say much about their Powerboard; it’s been in development since the 90s and EDAG’s helping with manufacturing. Great. But the video speaks volumes, showing the Powerboard on sand, snow…even off-road. Awesome.

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